Coffee Glossary
Acidity - It is the sensation of dryness that the coffee produces under the edges of your tongue. It provides a sharp, bright, vibrant quality.

Americano - A beverage made from espresso combined with hot water, producing a gourmet version of an "American-style" cup of coffee.

Aroma - This contributes to the flavors we discern on our palates. Subtle nuances, such as "floral or "winy" are derived from the aroma of brewed coffee.

Blend Coffee - A balance mix of two different origins that is usually designed for an espresso. It is also excellent when prepared by the filter method.

Body - It is the feeling of the coffee in your mouth. An example of body is the feeling of milk in your mouth as compared to water. Coffees with heavier body will maintain more of their flavors when diluted with milk.

Cappuccino - is an espresso-based beverage consisting of approximately 1 part espresso and 4 parts wet milk foam. Cappuccinos are prepared with the milk foam on top.

Decaf Coffee - 98% caffeine free and no chemicals added yet there is still an abundance of flavor.

Espresso - It is both the method and the product. Hot water is forced, under pressure, through finely ground coffee creating a coffee extract that is delicious in its own right and the basis of many other popular and well-known coffee beverages.

Espresso con Panna - (Italian with cream) Straight shot of espresso topped with a small amount of whipped cream

Flavor - It is the overall perception of the coffees in your mouth. Acidity, aroma, and body are all components of flavor.

Latte - is Italian for "milk" and is a condensed name Caffe Latte. A latte is an espresso combined with steamed milk in a ratio of 6:1 (6 parts milk to 1 part espresso) and usually served in a 12 ounce cup, topped with a thin layer of milk foam. A flavored syrup can also be added creating a flavored latte.

Macchiato - (Italian marked) Espresso marked with a dollop of steamed milk foam on top (typically one teaspoon).

Mocha, or caffe mocha - is espresso with steamed milk and flavored with chocolate; usually topped with milk foam and/or whipped cream.

Roasting - The process of heating green coffee beans to temperature that eliminates most of their moisture and initiates a series of chemical reactions. This changes the composition of the coffee and results in the development of compounds associated with the flavor of brewed coffee.

Single origin Coffee - The fruit of one particular country that represents a particular region. In many instances, the designation will be more precise: farm or estate name, often accompanied by information concerning the grade.

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