Ways to Brew Coffee
There are many ways to brew coffee. Depending on where you might find yourself in the world you may find coffee brewed in a glass, or brewed with cardamom; brewed strong and bitter or very sweet with milk. Regular coffee may be black or regular  may be with cream and sugar, it all depends. It depends upon you. All coffee should be brewed for 4 to 5 minutes and 10g of ground coffee to every 180 ml of water at a temperature of 95-205 F.

French Press

In our opinion this is the only way to brew coffee. Using a French Press is the best way to control time and temperature. The French Press offers great flavor due to perfect extraction time and delivery of the oils that are often trapped in filters. A French press is also the least expensive brewer available.

To brew coffee in a French Press:
  • Boil the correct amount of water
  • Freshly grind the beans using the largest grinder setting
  • Take out the plunger, place the grounds at bottom of the glass
  • Add the hot water, cooled a bit, it is important not to introduce boiling water to ground coffee, Wait 2 minutes and stir
  • Wait 4-5 minutes press down plunger to separate the grounds from the extracted coffee and wait another 2 minutes and press down plunger to separate the grounds from the extracted coffee
The siphon is a clever device that prepares an exceptional cup of coffee. This is a reasonable choice for those who do not like to use paper filters and for those who do not like a little sediment in the bottom of the cup, as you will get when using a French Press.

To brew coffee in a Siphon:
  • Add the proper amount of water to the bottom bulb
  • Attach the filter to the upper bulb and fit the upper glass bulb tightly over the bottom glass bulb
  • Place the vacuum pot on the stove making sure that the bottom bulb is completely dry
  • Use the coarsest grind possible on your burr grinder
  • Add the grounds just as the water begins to fill the upper chamber. Leave the pot on the stove for 3.5 minutes and then place on a hot pad
  • Within 30 seconds the lower pot will cool enough to form a vacuum to pull the brewing coffee into the lower chamber, thereby separating it from the grounds


Automatic Drip Brewer

Undoubtedly the easy way to brew coffee is with a drip brewer, however they do not perform well, as they will rarely brew at the right temperature for the right amount of time.

To brew coffee in a drip brewer:
  • Place a thick paper filter in the brewing cone (basket) and wet thoroughly with water. (This helps remove the paper taste from the filter)
  • Grind the coffee using a medium grinder setting and pour it into the cone fitted with the filter
  • Brew time and temperature are taken care of automatically
  • If your brewer has a hot plate under a glass carafe, remove the carafe after the coffee is fully brewed to prevent the coffee from burning